From the slogan "Tango is a vertical expression for a horizontal desire" which Argentine Tango started from in St-Petersburg, we came tho the idea that every person has his own Tango with his unique sense and there is no need to find a formula fitting eveyone. That is why everyone dances in his own style, has his own reasons to dance and likes his "Tango-personality". The more you dance the more you understad why do you need it.

If you get really involved in Tango, the search your own, real, ideal tango can stratch over your whole life. Not because of misunderstanding, but because of every time something new comes to you, changes you. You have to be prepared to it.

We cannot tell about everyone's perceptiopns. We present our own view abou Tango as we think it is in reality. Tango is very interesting and complicated dance, we would say it is a chamber dance. It is a dance with its own rules, technique, history, culture phylosophy, ethics and estetics. 

Frankly, Tango is a nonexpressible concept. Yes, you can talk about it a lot, but to say what Tango is exactly is impossible. You can understand it only if you taste it. Moreover, each and every time it is different depending on varying mood, melody and a partner.  After all, why to explain things you could never possibly explain. It is better to try dansing.

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